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The Credo Group derives its name from the Latin word “Credo,” which translates to “I believe” and can be used as a statement of personal beliefs. Hence, The Credo Group takes inspiration from this very translation. The Credo Group aims to identify, evaluate, develop and implement profitable opportunities consistent with our mission and values.

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The Credo Group specializes in industrial projects, particularly in the Natural Resources segment and collectively operates in the field of exploration and development of Mines & Minerals products, manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals, Energy & Power, Natural Resources including Metals & Commodities.


The Credo Group is a boutique firm enjoying exclusive forays into various highly privileged sectors. Our goal is to operate with an environmental conscience, minimal corporate debt and offer our shareholders maximum upside profit potential with minimum risk.

The Credo Group aims to be a leader in all its range of activities for the firms growth, along with propelling the nation’s progress towards sustainable development and ensure maximization of the wealth of our stakeholders.


The Credo Group integrates a strong eco-friendly philosophy and strives to implement green initiatives and methods in its activities.

The Group expresses its continued interest in joint ventures and start ups, developing existing companies as well acquiring companies focused on the selected sectors where it can benefit from its expertise and inherent strengths that include a strong team of highly experienced professionals and technocrats.

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