Credo at a Glance

At Credo Group of Companies, we strive to do our best and only the best. The Group's activities are divided amongst five different segments and we aim to involve ourselves in almost every valuable venture opportune to us. We have established ourselves as a boutique firm carrying on businesses and other trading activities in various sectors. Our main focuses lay in mining and minerals, real estate and infrastructure as well as trading in securities and commodities. Over the years, Credo has steadily and gradually grown and expanded across various segments, and has established a well reputed and credible name for itself.

Since the early days of inception, Credo carries forward a strong motto of 'maximum performance, maximum results'. Our team is made up of professionals and highly dedicated members with a common goal of success. In addition, we are always on the lookout for budding new talents and fresh ideas in order to compete successfully in the cut-throat business environment. Furthermore, we follow high moral and ethical policies whilst conducting all businesses and transactions along with strict corporate governance.

We also consider ourselves as a company with the global attitude and concerns for the future generations: keeping a green ethos mindset whilst looking into industrial projects. With an overall sincere dedication toward the firm and pushing our limits to the maximum for the benefits of our businesses, I know that there are yet many more milestones to be achieved. This is simply the beginning.

Our Fundamental Goal

Maximum performance; maximum results.

The Makings of an Industrial Conglomerate!

Great organisations are built around a shared vision    
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